film-mobile gmbh

Owner: Tommy Marx
Gronsdorferstr. 22
85540 Haar, Munich

Tel.: +49 - 89 - 680 71 53 6
Fax.: +49 - 89 - 680 71 53 9
Mobile: +49 - 172 - 618 48 43

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The film-mobilette is a compact, self-sufficient, stand-alone toilet trailer which can function without needing connection to water, drain or electricity supply for several days at a time!

Each trailer has a separate ladies and gents compartment, both are equipped with a porcelain lavatory and wash basin, a window, lighting and heating facilities.

The compact dimensions of the trailer (170x320x305cm WidthxLengthxHeight) allow us to deliver it to practically every location.

For a crew of 35–40 team members, we reckon with a 4 day average usage period between servicing.

The trailers are unfortunately not available during heavy frost!