film-mobile gmbh

Owner: Tommy Marx
Gronsdorferstr. 22
85540 Haar, Munich

Tel.: +49 - 89 - 680 71 53 6
Fax.: +49 - 89 - 680 71 53 9
Mobile: +49 - 172 - 618 48 43

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Mobile Office Trailer 5535 and 5545

5545_001.jpg 5545_002.jpg 5545_003.jpg 5545_004.jpg 5545_005.jpg 5545_006.jpg 5545_007.jpg 5545_008.jpg 5545_009.jpg 5545_010.jpg 5545_011.jpg 5545_012.jpg

9.5 x 2.5m:
Entrance at rear, gas heating, air conditioning, LED lighting, 6 reflecting windows.

Up to 5 individual hot desk/work areas, alternatively 3 hot desk/work areas plus couch corner for meetings, WiFi Router with 4G connection upon request.

Comfortable office chairs, the „velcro areas“ on the work tables and the storage boxes provided ensure that there is no issue when trailer moves from location to location.

The interior fittings are variable and can be quickly adapted to accomodate your needs and purpose. (Crew dining and break area, costume and wardrobe facility, make-up area, etc.).